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El Questro Station - Emma Gorge

Day trip to Emma Gorge

Emma Gorge is part of the El Questro Station but quite a long way from where we are so we decided to get a transfer by 4WD over there.

Emma Gorge walk is quite challenging - Blue markers this time - meaning "difficult". Quite an understatement unless you are a mountain goat !!

The start of the walk is quite easy - deceptive !!!


Look for the Blue marker - that's the walking trail....

The gorge is quite spectacular and worth the walk/climb in.



Arriving at the Gorge is amazing - and you can swim.
After 1hr of hot-sweaty-climbing-scrambling we couldn't wait to get in and cool off.




But of course the only way to get back is the same way we came in - follow the Blue marker - if you can see it !


Another swim to cool off in Emma Station pool, followed by a delicious lunch, then relaxing by the pool until our ride arrived.
Lovely day.


There is a well known story that the Boab Tree retains water which is drinkable - here is the proof !
(I wonder how many tourists go home with photos of this amazing tree)


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El Questro Station - Saddleback Ridge & Zebedee Falls.

Saddleback Ridge lookout and Zebedee Falls

Up early and ready to tackle Saddleback Ridge.
It's a 7km round trip, first we walked across the Pentecost and then zig zagged our way up to the lookout.


The walk/climb was quite steep but not as difficult as we thought. It took us less than an hour and we were at the top overlooking the Cockburn range.


Here we are - proof we made it !



Some of the creek crossing was very easy - dry at this time of the year. I can only imagine how much water would be flowing through here during the "wet" season.


I gave up at this point - sick of trying to balance on rocks in bare feet - so I just walked straight through - wet shoes and socks, who cares ?


We met up with a really nice couple from Perth who offered us a ride to Zebedee Falls - an offer that we gladly accepted.



A great place for a swim in the springs - very relaxing.

Thanks to Sandra and Rob for the ride.

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El Questro Station - The Kimberleys 18th - 23rd May 2014

Todays ride into El Questro was a short one - only 110kms.

Our first view of the huge Kimberley range is quite amazing.


Finally made it to the El Questro turn off on the Gibb River road - only 16kms of dirt road to go.


The thing they forgot to mention was the river crossing - 3 of them, The Pentecost was the last and widest.

The Pentecost crossing - only way in and out of El Questro unfortunately

The Pentecost crossing - only way in and out of El Questro unfortunately

Our Bungalow overlooking the river.


Our first walk was to Telecom tower to get an idea of where we are - great views of the Pentecost River winding its way through the Kimberleys.


Following the walking trail was not quite as easy as we expected - look out for the Yellow marker and follow them. Yellow is the easiest trail to follow.


We went and checked out the crossing to go up the Saddleback lookout - and decided it was too rough to ride across so we will walk that one tomorrow morning before it gets too hot.

Winding down to "Station" time is a bit of a challenge for us after being on the road for 6 weeks and riding almost every day - but I think we will manage.


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Katherine to Kununnura WA

We have now ridden in every state in Australia - quite an achievement.

We left Katherine this morning - glad to be leaving actually. Not the prettiest town but it does have a stunning Gorge well worth visiting.

First stop was Timber Creek for fuel and food.

On the way out we spotted our first Boab Tree.


And another long non-winding road :-

Second stop was Victoria River :-


The roadhouse is under new management (wife) :-


Crossing into Western Australia we had to say goodbye to 130kms Speed Limit - have been enjoying that, its amazing how much quicker you get there.

From tomorrow we go to El Questro Station for 6 nights. There is no Wi-Fi or mobile reception so this will be my last blog for a week.
Watch this space some time next week for some pretty impressive photos from the Kimberley Ranges.

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Katherine Gorge

Stunning Katherine Gorge River cruise

Nitmiluk National Park - known as Katherine Gorge.
Today we decided to explore Katherine Gorge, packing a picnic and riding out expecting to be able to walk to some Gorge look-outs and have a picnic somewhere nice.

We arrived at the Nitmiluk Information Centre only to see a sign stating "No swimming"
Apparently there are still Crocs in the water so swimming is banned at the moment. Further investigation found that the walks are long and its a very hot day (34deg) so perhaps a river cruise would be a much better way to do it.
Walking down to the Boat ramps we were overwhelmed by the number of Flying Foxes (Bats) in the trees - thousands of them - and they were very noisy and extremely smelly.


The Gorge Cruise was fantastic.
During the wet season the River level rises extremely high causing very strong currents - as can be seen by the angle trees grow on the river bank.


The scenery was stunning.


The aboriginal paintings on the walls were quite fascinating -


More gorge photos -


Saltwater Crocs make their way upstream into the fresh water during the wet season, they then have to be caught and taken back to Salt Water.
They put bait in the cage, catch the Croc and take him away.


Then we arrived at the impressive Katherine Gorge -


and a view from the opposite end -


One last photo - one of my favourites.


Back at the Centre we revised our lunch plan - far too smelly at the picnic area due to the bats - so we decided to picnic on the deck outside the café.

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