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Port Augusta to Coober Pedy - May 4th to 6th

Filling in time at Pt Augusta and finally back on the road

Sunday we decided to visit the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden just out of Port Augusta. Not a lot to see at the moment, however we did have a very nice lunch in the café and a stroll around the garden. Trying to fill in time in a town that has very little !!!


And that was it for the day.
Monday we drove to Adelaide to pick up the parts - finally here at last.
Returning back to Pt. Augusta we delivered the parts to Northern Motorcycles and the Hire car back to Hertz.

Looks like we will be on the road again tomorrow.

This morning (Tuesday 6th) we got a Taxi to Northern Motorcycles - bikes fixed and read to go - Hooray !!!!


We were packed up and on our way very quickly - our trip can now continue - finally.

Quick stop at Spud's at Pimba for a coffee and fuel, on to Glendambo for more fuel and lunch, we arrived at Coober Pedy late afternoon.
Very happy to be back on the road.



Coober Pedy is quite interesting. Most of the housing is underground, along with most of the accommodation, and walking around town all you can see is air-vents sticking up out of the ground.


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Woomera and back to Port Augusta

Broken down !!!!

This is serious - my chain and sprocket are basically stuffed.
How they wore out so quick we do not know. Appeared to be okay up until the last stop. Steve's bike is the same age as mine and has done 1,000kms more - and his is perfectly ok.
After calling BMW Roadside Assist it was decided we needed to go back to Pt Augusta and get parts freighted in from Adelaide.

While waiting to be picked up Thursday morning we wandered around Woomera to fill in time - very interesting history here.
If we were in a better mood we probably would have enjoyed it more.
The rockets are quite fascinating so I took some photos just to keep myself occupied.

Woomera Rocket Site :-

Close inspection of my chain - cannot ride this any further.

Heartbreaking to see my lovely biked up on the back of a truck.

Small bonus for the day - I got to amuse myself taking photos from the truck.

Nice policeman doing his job !!!
Ulyssians on the way to Alice -

and the road goes on -

We arrived at Pt August early afternoon.

Now the wait for parts began, only available from Melbourne, to be shipped to Adelaide Friday.
Steve rode to Adelaide to pick them up - they never arrived !!!
Should mention here that it was the coldest May day in Adelaide in 33 years.
He rode through rain, hail, strong winds - absolutely crappy trip - for nothing.

Currently we are planning to go to Adelaide tomorrow (Monday 5th) to pick them up.

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Mount Gambier to Woomera SA

Family catch up and then back on the road.

Leaving Mount Gambier Monday morning we headed for Birdwood where we had a brief visit with family and then on to Woomera to commence the second part of our trip.

Passing through Leura we came across "The Sentimental Bloke" monument in memory of one of Australia's favourite poets - CJ Dennis

The Stuart Highway - Big distances to travel from here.

The scenery changed dramatically - huge open spaces !!

Just out of Woomera we stopped for a quick break - and then the trouble began.
As I pulled up my bike seemed to be making a strange noise - having ear-plugs in it was difficult to hear.

We decided to go on to Woomera where we had accommodation booked and check it out further there.
By the time we arrived it was getting much worse - now we have a serious problem !!!!!

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Mount Gambier - South Australia

A visit to our old home town !

After saying goodbye to our riding companions on Friday morning in Melbourne we rode through to Warrnambool.
No photos - seen it all before !

Saturday morning we rode to Mount Gambier, a short 2 hour ride.
Having lived here all my life I take the town tourist attractions for granted so I decided to take some photos - interesting - its actually a very attractive, clean town with lots to see and do. The things you don't notice when you live there.

The world famous Blue Lake - famous because it mysteriously changes colour every year in November to a stunning Aqua blue and remains that way until March or April.
This year I was lucky, its late changing, so I was able to get some good photos. Mid summer it is much brighter blue.


Some of the fantastic old buildings at "the main corner" -
The Cave Gardens - yes its a cave right in the centre of town

The Cave Garden Fountain - I loved looking for the goldfish when I was little - no longer has goldfish thanks to vandals using it as a urinal !!-IMG_5686__683x1024_.jpg

Marble sculpture depicting arrival of immigrants to the district :-

After a fun packed couple of days catching up with family and friends we left for Birdwood Monday to visit more family.

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Launceston - Devonport and the Spirit

Last day of the Tasmania part of our trip !!

Our last day has arrived - so much left to do !!!

Farewell Launceston and the Bakery Inn :-

First Stop - Deloraine

Interesting sculptures in the main street -

Then we went out to the Great Lakes - great idea - except it was freezing cold !


Lunch at the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm - well worth the visit.

The Tassie crew on our last day - cannot believe it is all over so quickly.

Tonight we board the Spirit for Melbourne.
Pam & Gavin, Aitch & Jo will be heading back to Port Macquarie on Friday morning.
Steve and i will be heading to Mount Gambier for a catch up with friends and family and on up north.
More to come......

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