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Alice Springs - Daly Waters

Alice - Tennant Creek - Daly Waters

We left Alice on Tuesday morning heading for Tennant Creek - not so sure this is a good idea, however the alternative is to keep going for a very long hot ride - and possibly still end up some-where undesirable !!
So the decision was made to go as far as Tennant Creek and check in to the best hotel amongst a bad bunch. Trip Advisor ratings and reports were not good !!!
One high point of the day was crossing the Tropic of Capricorn.

Another high point was the Devils Marbles:-


So we rode into Tennant Creek - and all the reports were true. All the shops are barred up and look closed, upon closer inspection they are open, just hiding behind bars. The Motel was ugly and very run down, the room did smell of White King - comforting. And the linen was clean. And the air-conditioner was new and actually worked - things are looking up.
We went for a walk "down town" to check out possibilities for dinner - no way - so across the road we went for take-away Red Rooster.
Very very pleased to leave Wednesday morning we rode to Daly Waters Pub.

Lunch at Daly Waters Pub - the "Ute Burger" - one of the best burgers we have ever had.

This Pub is so interesting -full of Aussie humour - everywhere you look :-


Today - Thursday 15th May we arrived at Katherine.

Straight to the Bike repair shop - we need new rear tyres - unbelievable - less than 10,000kms travelling on a lot of straight roads has worn them out very quickly.
Wandering around town we entertained ourselves for a couple of hours - not much to see or do in Katherine.
Tomorrow we go to the Katherine Gorge.

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Alice Springs - West Macdonnell Ranges

Amazing day riding

Today we rode out Larapinta Drive in the West Macdonnell National Park.
So many Gorges and Chasms to see - we couldn't do them all.
I think we chose well, the ones we did see were amazing.

First stop was Simpsons Gap.


Stanley Chasm - the best time to visit is 12 noon, we timed it well and arrived just on 12.
It was quite impressive but not exactly as stunning as depicted in the brochures. I think if we were here mid summer when the sun is higher, it would be very dramatic.


Riding along the Larapinta Drive the mountains around are quite fascinating - rock formations that look like a serpentine -


And then the amazing Ormiston Gorge -


a couple of our favourite photos -


Nougat made an appearance -



Our final stop for the day was the Ochre Pits where the Aborigines collect Ochre and use it for body paint and medicinal purposes -


And then it was time to go home after a very impressive day.

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Uluru to Alice Springs - 10th May 2014

Another day on the road

We left Uluru today heading for Alice Springs.

Another day of very long straight straights !!!

We stopped at Erldunda for fuel and a short break. Much to our surprise we had parked next to Mark and Kerren Rawles from Tumby Bay.
We knew they were travelling but thought we would not see them until Alice on Monday night. They have changed their plans and are going to Alice today. It's a small world.

We came across the Cannonball run memorial - 1994 was the first and only Cannonball run held in Australia, from Uluru to Darwin and back.
Back then their was no speed limit - with very bad consequences for this event.
A Japanese car ran off the road at this site and killed the two in the vehicle as well as 2 Officials - very tragic.


We got to Alice early afternoon so unpacked and went for a walk in to town.
We had lunch - not very appetising meal - and then bought some groceries and beer/wine. Walking around the streets with alcohol in your hands is probably not a good idea - I was happy when we got home.

After an afternoon rest we went over to the Restaurant for dinner - delicious Barramundi.

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Uluru & The Olgas - 8th & 9th May 2014

Amazing !!

On the way into Uluru we stopped for fuel at the Curtin Springs Roadhouse - a rather rustic establishment.
The size of the Curtin Springs property is amazing - over 1 million acres - now that's a "farm".



Everything that has ever been written about Uluru is true. It is truly amazing to see. So huge - just sticking up out of the ground with nothing but a few trees and bushes around it - and lots and lots of red dirt.

Late afternoon : before sunset -


As the sun sets the colour starts to change -

And then just before the sun disappears the rock turns red :

Determined to get both versions of the "rock" we went out again early this morning (Friday 9th May) and watched sunrise from the Eastern side, not the best sunrise as their was too much cloud cover this morning but at least we can say we were there :-

In the distance we could see The Olgas so after a dash back to our Hotel for breakfast we rode out to the Olgas.


The Olgas are equally awesome.


Steve planking while I went for a walk further into the Gorge :-

Then we went back to Uluru to have a closer look - quite amazing to see up close :-


And back to the Yalara (Uluru) service station to fill up at $2.24 litre - luckily we only have small tanks at these prices :-

(This is for both bikes)

Back to our Hotel for a restful afternoon before having dinner, then back to our room to prepare to travel again tomorrow.

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Coober Pedy to Erldunda - 7th May 2014

On the road heading North

We spent last night at the Desert Cave Hotel : Coober Pedy - an expensive night - but we needed a bit of pampering.
Drinks at the Cave Bar followed by dinner at the Hotel was a lovely way to celebrate our first day back on the road.

Riding out of Coober Pedy this morning we were fascinated by the Opal Mining mounds on both sides of the road.
And look how exciting the Stuart Highway is - actually that's an exaggeration - but the terrain is quite interesting, there has been a lot of rain recently so it is quite green. We even saw a dingo feasting on road-kill this morning - poor cow never made it across the road.


We stopped at Marla for fuel - and were surrounded by Ulyssians - again !!!

Our original plan was to be through this area a week ago, expecting to miss the Ulyssians on their way to Alice Springs for the annual AGM, instead we are surrounded by them everytime we stop - not so bad - there are a lot of interesting characters in the club and everybody is very friendly when out on the road travelling.

Finally we reached the SA/NT Border early afternoon - Nougat even jumped out of his pyjamas to photobomb the shot !


On the border :-IMG_6003__683x1024_.jpg

We arrived at Erldunda on the corner of the Stuart and Lasseter Highways early afternoon.
That's enough for today. Tomorrow we are going to Uluru - very excited and can't wait

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